Trade / Execute / Allocate

Need to allocate trades to your accounts? TradeState facilitates the allocation of trades to underlying accounts either pre-trade or post-trade.

Allocate trades using TradeState and export to your accounting system.

FIX Trade Destinations

Connect with any FIX protocol compatible broker/dealers or platforms.

We connect you with any trading partner who supports a FIX protocol interface.

Data Export / API

Upload / Download trade data via file, API, or other support interfaces.

Bloomberg FIX Interface

We securely connect you to Bloomberg via FIX to submit or capture trades.

Need a FIX protocol link to Bloomberg / Bloomberg EMS? We manage all FIX integrations and manage connectivity.

Multi-Asset Trade Order Management
Bundled with FIX Connectivity

Broker neutural trading

Trade Blotter

Enter trades manually or load orders via file/FIX/API to view on trade blotter.

TLS Encrypted FIX Sessions

Robust security with all FIX sessions using encrypted connectivity.



View trade / historical trade reports.


From listed equities to foreign exchange (FX), futures/option, fixed income and OTC derivatives, TradeState manages all asset classes.

Managed FIX Protocol Connectivity

We expertly connect you to your trading partners.


Hosted Solution

With a fully hosted solution, there is no software to download. We connect you to your trading venues and provide trade management through our web portal.


Expertly Supported

With many years of expert trading systems solutions connecting the buy side and sell sides, TradeState provides exceptional value to our clients.

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